Location: North- East India

Capital: Aizawl

Mizoram is a small state located in the north-eastern corner of India. It shares its domestic border with Assam and Manipur; and its international border with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Aizawl, the capital city of the state is in itself a fun place to explore, with a very picturesque set-up. Upon entry in the city one will notice that even though the traffic is moderately heavy, there is no honking, which is a very unique practice in India.

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Wherever you go in Mizoram you will be surprised by the greenery that follows your sight. Those in search of adventure will find it in abundance in Mizoram, with its numerous lakes scattered across the state, lush green hills and wildlife to explore.

Popular places to visit in Mizoram


Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram is set atop of beautiful lush green hills.

Falkawn Village (Zokhua)

It is a model village depicting the lifestyle of the Mizo people in the past, located 18 km from Aizawl. Here, you will find typical houses such as Zawlbuk (dormitory), Lal In (chief’s house) and Pum (blacksmiths). There are also memorial stones erected to commemorate freedom fighters like the famous Mizo warrior Taitesena.

Lalsavunga Park

It is a beautiful tourist spot about 8 km from Aizawl. A nice view is what you can expect from the park.

Reiek Peak

About an hour and a half drive from Aizawl, the peak in Reiek overlooks Aizawl, with a stunning view of the surrounding valleys and hills. The hill is surrounded by thick lush green trees and bushes. On a clear day, the plains of Bangladesh can be seen from the top of the hill. There is a well maintained government tourist resort in Reiek surrounded by forest on all four sides.


At a distance of 50 km from Aizawl, is the scenic landscape of Hmuifang, coverd with thich lush green forest. A stay Hmuifang Tourist Resort located at the peak of the mountain will give you a pleasant feel of the landscape.

Phawngpui National Park

This conservatory forest in Mizoram houses several rare animals and birds adorned in tropical forests. The park overlooks the major river Chhimtuipui flowing towards Burma and mountain ranges, adding to its scenic view. This park is an ultimate place for hikes and campers.

Lunglei with its scenic setting is one of the top places to visit in Mizoram. It is the second largest town after the capital city Aizawl. One of the destinations for tourists in Lunglei is the Khawnlung Wildlife Sanctuary.

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 140 km from Aizawl. It is home to a vast variety of animals, such as the tiger, leopard, Himalayan black bear, Sambar, barking dear, Hoolock gibbon, Leaf monkey etc. It is truly a wildlife photographer’s delight.

Dampa Tiger Reserve

Murlen National Park

Brain Gym

This is a ‘Nghah lou dawr’ shop, which means a shop without shopkeeper. Groceries, vegetables, fruits and flowers are kept here for buyers to buy them alongside a display with the rates and a money box. You select your item, drop the amount into the money box, pick up the balance and that’s it . Simple and fast, the whole transaction operates on complete trust. Also noteworthy is that Mizos never bargain while shopping and feel very odd when they see mainlanders haggle out while shopping…No wonder culture of Mizoram is known for its integrity and trust.