Location: North-East India

Capital: Shillong

Meghalaya is home to the Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes. This beautiful state in North-East India is truly mesmerizing, staying true to its nick name “the Abode of Clouds”.

The capital Shillong is very close to Guwahati, which is also known as the gateway to North-East India. On leaving the plains of Assam, the road starts to wind upward to the hill station and the wind gets considerably cooler.

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There are three main regions in Magalaya:

  • Khasi Hills 
  • Jaintia Hills
  • Garo Hills

As the very name of the places suggest, the regions are inhabited by the tribes Khasi, Jaintia and Garos respectively; with each tribe having their own charm and distinctiveness.

The region in and around Shillong is also well known for it fluctuating weather as you will get to experience a good variety in a single given day from sunny, foggy to rain. 

Apart from the geography and climate, you will get to see practices which are unique to the region. “Teer” or arrow shooting is a legal archery betting game in Meghalaya. The tribes is Meghalaya also follow a matrilineal system which is also unique to the region.

There are many interesting places in Meghalaya. As of now the focus of our tours is towards the Garo Hills.

Garo Hills

Garo Hills can be reached either from Guwahati or from Shillong via Nongstoin. Comparatively speaking with the rest of Meghalaya the beautiful region of Garo Hills is not as frequented by tourists. The region is slowly opening up to tourism. One main reason for less visit by tourists is a lack of awareness. One benefit of visiting Garo Hills is that you will get to experience the unexplored region of Meghalaya.

Garo Hills is a perfect destination for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Famous Destinations of Garo Hills

Tours for the Garo Hills usually start from Tura, which is one of the largest towns in Meghalaya and the headquarter of West Garo Hills.

Siju Cave

This cave is also known as the Bat Cave. The local name for the cave is Siju Do’bakkol, meaning, “cave of bats”.  It is a limestone cave. The cave is told told to be a staggering length of 4 kms. Most of the floor of the cave is filled with crystal clear water. So if you are planning to visit Siju, you have to be willing to waddle through the water which normally is at the knee level. A wise plan would be to carry shorts and a pair of flip- flops. It is definitely worth a visit if you are an adventure seeker.

You can find homestays in and around Siju, however, you could also camp in the river banks, if adventure is what you are looking for.

Chibragre is a popular picnic destination both for tourists and locals. The spot is at a confluence of two rivers. It is about 14 kms from Tura. The sandy banks of the river makes it an ideal spot for such activities.

Sadolpara Village

In this part of the region you will find the Ambeng sub-tribe of the Garos, belonging to a community of the Songsarek- a pre- Christian local animist religion. Rice beer is an integral part of their community and is offered to guests.